European Adventures: Palermo

Hello! This post is all about Palermo, the last day trip we have before we get off at our final destination (Civitavecchia). Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily, located in the southern part of Italy. We only had half day to get around the city, so we weren’t able to see many sights. For millennia […]

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European Adventures: Malta

Our cruise continues and our next stop is an island located at the center of the Mediterranean Sea – Malta. Malta can either refer to the country (an archipelago composed of three islands), or its largest island. When we saw Malta on the list of stops on our Mediterranean cruise, we were initially unsure if we would […]

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European Adventures: Milan

Another day, another city. Better yet — another country! Upon waking up on the third day of our Mediterranean Cruise, we were already in Italy. When I started to realize that travelling was one of the best things to do in life, this country was definitely included on my bucket list. Delicious food, magnificent ruins, […]

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