Nara Park

When we were planning our trip to Osaka, we thought of nearby cities to visit such as Kyoto, Nara, and even Kobe. However, when we got to Osaka, we decided that we should save Kyoto and Kobe for another trip and thus, we only visited Nara. Nara was Japan’s first permanent capital, and is known […]

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Universal Studios Japan

When I heard that we were going to Osaka, one of the things that made me so excited was that there was a theme park in the area. Not just any theme park, but Universal Studios! Of course the kid inside me was so ecstatic to go and spend a whole day at Universal Studios […]

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Welcome to Japan! This trip happened 3 years ago, but since then I have always wanted to go back to Osaka, or perhaps visit other Japanese cities. My parents have been to Japan countless times, and I’ve had flights with stopovers in Narita when I was much younger, but this was my first time to […]

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