European Adventures: Mediterranean Cruise


Before I continue with our last destination (Civitavecchia for Rome) on this cruise, I’d like to share some of our photos aboard the ship. It was my first time to experience a cruise, and it really exceeded my expectations!


If it weren’t for the sights awaiting at each destination, I could’ve stayed aboard the ship for a whole week and not get bored. There are multiple swimming pools, lounges, spa, sports facilities (table tennis, basketball, golf), a theater with live production shows, movie nights (with free popcorn) and other activities onboard.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Oh, and did I mention the food? The food is divine! Aside from the reserved seats for dinner wherein we were served every night, the buffet is available all-throughout the day, there are restaurants and counters around the ship offering pizza, ice cream, burgers, hotdogs, etc, and 24-hour room service too!


These are just some of the many plates we devoured during our week-long cruise. The food presentation is amazing!

Another amazing thing about being on a cruise was the view. Aside from the calming blue waters of the ocean, we also got the chance to see different ports and cities. We also witnessed beautiful sunsets.


I really enjoyed my first time (and hopefully not the last!) aboard a cruise ship. It was like a dream, everything was perfect! Of course, what made the experience special and so much more memorable was the company of my family. I had so much fun bonding with them! I’d love to cruise in Glacier Bay, Alaska or North Sea, Europe next time. For now, I’ll just have to relive my memories of cruising in the Mediterranean.

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