European Adventures: Valladolid

Museo Oriental de Valladolid

Hello again! Next stop on our Europe adventure – Valladolid.  Valladolid is a city in Spain and the capital of the autonomous region of Castile and Leon. From Madrid, we rode a fast train and arrived at Valladolid in about an hour. Travel was easy and the train was almost empty!


Like our Madrid stay, our visit to Valladolid was also a short one – just a night. We had quite a hectic schedule, we had a flight to Barcelona the next day. We did not have much time to go around but we did walk around to see some of the city sights.

I was quite surprised to know that there was a street named Paseo de Filipinos in Valladolid, where the Museo Oriental is also located. The museum is situated in the Royal College of Augustinian Fathers. We got to visit Museo Oriental where pieces from China, Japan and the Philippines are featured. It is said to have the largest collection of Oriental art in Spain.

Plaza Mayor
Walking around the city
Valladolid Cathedral

We walked around the city and visited more sights, some of these are the Plaza Mayor and the Valladolid Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Assumption). After a day of walking around, we sat down for lunch and guess what we ordered – paella, of course!

Lunch with our hosts, Tito Miguel and Tita Fe

That ends our short stay in Valladolid! A huge thank you to our hosts, Tito Miguel, Tita Fe, their daughter Cristina, and also to the Filipino seminarians in Valladolid. Next stop – Barcelona!

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