A week after our Bicol trip, we had another adventure set for us. This time, we said hello to Clark!

We stayed at Widus Resort and Casino. The services and amenities available include a swimming pool, gym, spa, room service, free wifi, etc. For dining, you may choose from Salt Resto, Widus Coffee, Prism Lounge and Malt Bar and Coffee Shop. Widus Coffee’s tiramisu is a must-try!

 On our second day in Clark, we had lunch at Binulo Restaurant. The restaurant got its name from the word binulo which is a traditional process of cooking food inside a bamboo called bulo. This tradition is said to be rooted from the indigenous Aetas, who used to live near Pampanga, particularly Porac. (According to YedyLicious Manila Food Blog)
ImageWith my mom
ImageWith my brothers 
ImageFamily picture (Notice the animal print theme?)
On our third day in Clark, we went go-kart racing. I was scared at first but I’m glad I tried it. It was fun! I would definitely do this again!
 Afterwards, we had dinner at Ribeye Steakhouse. We were so hungry so expect a large serving of food!
 I ordered Surf & Turf and it was good. Eating the shrimps was my favorite part of the meal!
I can’t wait to come back here. Coming back here is easy since it’s only a few hours from Manila, anyway!

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